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UL Ebira v2 Rod Quiver



  • Weight: .9 oz. (51 grams)
  • Dimensions: 22.5" x 2.5"
  • Material: Hybrid cuben (storm black)
  • Single attachable pocket.
  • Type of Closure: Drawstring on the rod quiver, water-resistant zipper on the attachable pocket.
  • The UL Ebira v2 is 100% Made in America .

* Rod specific custom UL Ebira v2s are available on request.

Product Description

The UL Ebira ("ey-beer-ah") by TrailLite Designs

“Ebira” means “quiver” in Japanese. The UL Ebira, by TrailLite Designs, is a quiver for your tenkara fly rod. In keeping with the spirit of tenkara fishing, the UL Ebira is a simple, yet highly practical fly fishing system that is perfect for ultra light backpacking and fly fishing. The UL Ebira carries your tenkara rod on your back while storing all of your fly fishing essentials in a clip on pocket at your hip. You can easily access both the pocket and your tenkara rod without removing the UL Ebira.

Traditionally, Samurai wore their ebira over the left shoulder; however the UL Ebira is easily convertible to either right or left-handed use.

The UL Ebira is fully adjustable to ensure the best fit. The carry cord can be lengthened or shortened allowing you choose to carry the quiver higher or lower on your back. While on the UL Ebira is very ergonomic and feels like a natural extension of your body.

With the clip-on pocket attached, the UL Ebira stores and organizes your entire tenkara fishing kit that you can carry in, or attach to, your pack while hiking. You can also convert it into a simple protective rod sleeve by removing the pocket and carry cord.

The durable CF15 cuben material and high quality workmanship means your UL Ebira will last for years and prove to be a great investment.

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