The Tenkara Creel  (TCreel) is TrailLite Designs modern version of the traditional Japanese fishing basket / creel. Designed to compliment and work in harmony with the Ebira rod quiver and Ti Net. The TCreel is lite, durable and highly functional.

​ESS Pocket

​TrailLite Designs ESS Pocket (Ebira Shoulder Strap Pocket) is an add on pocket that will work with any of the Ebira rod quivers that incorporate a shoulder strap. The ESS pocket provides clip-on,  easy access, storage capacity to your Ebira rod quiver. The ESS Pocket is available in either black or multicam.

​Ti Net Plus

​The Ti Net Plus is a new larger version of the original TrailLite Designs Ti Net. The "Plus" design incorporates a stiffer 27 cm titanium hoop and a longer and stouter 16" carbon fiber handle. ​Out of Stock


Sutikku ("soo-teek-coo") means stick in Japanese. The stream Sutikku is the modern version of the traditional wood wading staff. TrailLite Designs carbon fiber Stream Sutikku is tough, ultralite and highly functional.

​Ebira Plus

When tenkara fishing for a day - or a week - where you could really use two different rods the Ebira Plus is an versitle way to carry them. You can easily switch rods half a dozen times as stream conditions dictate.

​Ebira Guide

The Ebira Guide​ rod quiver allows for the ability to carry multiple tenkara rods (up to four) while on the water. ​Two attachable pockets provide storage of all tenkara gear needed for a long day on the water.

​Ebira SS

​TrailLite Designs Ebira SS adds the shoulder strap carry to the proven design of the Ebira, available in either black or multicam.

TrailLite Designs

​Ti Net

The Ti Net is a modern, ultra light, titanium/carbon fiber update of the traditional tenkara net. The titanium hoop and carbon fiber handle provide strength and durability while at the same time weighing an ultra light 3 oz, complete with mesh netting. The 9.5" (24 cm) ti hoop and 22.5" overall length is ideal for tenkara fishing. The Ti Net is offered in both an "traditional" angled version and a "western" straight version. The color of the mesh netting will vary depending on availability.​​

​UL TCreel

The UL Tenkara Creel  (UL TCreel) is TrailLite Designs modern ultra lite version of the traditional Japanese fishing basket / creel. Designed to compliment and work in harmony with the UL Ebira v2  rod quiver and Ti Net. The UL TCreel is ultra lite, durable and highly functional.

Listed below are TrailLite Designs products which are now in production and available to purchase. See this sites "Gear/Spec's" page  for complete descriptions and specifications. 

​UL Ebira v2

The UL Ebira is updated in the new v2 (version two) using a new hybrid cuben material. The UL Eberia v2 holds your tenkara rod and the gear you need on the stream. If it won't fit in the UL Ebira v2 you don't need it.


​"Ebira" means quiver in Japanese. The Ebira ("ey-beer-ah"), by TrailLite Designs, is a quiver for your tenkara fly rod. In keeping with the spirit of tenkara the Ebira is a simple yet highly practical fly fishing system that is perfect for ultra lite backpacking and fly fishing."  OUT OF STOCK

​Ebira / TCreel Set

​TrailLite Designs proven Ebira rod quiver and tenkara TCreel are now available in an multicam Ebira / TCreel Set.