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Listed below are TrailLite Designs products which are now in production and available to purchase. See this sites "Gear" pages  for complete descriptions, additional pictures, specs and links to purchase. Links to reviews and video's are also included 

Summer 2015: UL Eberia v2

The UL Ebira is updated in the new v2 (version two) using a new hybrid cuben material. 

The UL Eberia v2 holds your tenkara rod and the gear you need on the stream.If it won't fit in the UL Ebira v2 you don't need it.

Summer 2015: Stream Sutikku (aka: Stream Stick) 

Sutikku ("soo-teek-coo") means stick in Japanese. The Stream Sutikku, or Stream Stick, is a modern version of the traditional wood wading staff. 

TrailLite Designs carbon fiber Stream Sutikku is tough, ultralite and highly functional.

Summer 2015: ESS Pocket

TrailLite Designs ESS Pocket (Ebira Shoulder Strap Pocket) is an add on pocket that will work with any of the Ebira rod quivers that incorporate a shoulder strap. The ESS pocket provides clip-on,  easy access, storage capacity to your Ebira rod quiver. The ESS Pocket is available in either black or multicam.

Summer 2015: Multicam Ebira and TCreel Set

TrailLite Designs proven Ebira rod quiver and TCreel now available in multicam as a set.

Summer 2015: Ebira SS

TrailLite Designs Ebira SS adds the shoulder strap carry to the proven design of the Ebira, available in either black or multicam.

Spring 2012: TCreel (aka Tenkara Creel)

The TCreel is TrailLite Designs modern version of the traditional Japanese fishing basket / creel. Designed to compliment and work in harmony with the Ebira rod quiver and Ti Net. The TCreel is ultra lite, durable and highly functional.

Spring 2012: Ti Net Plus

The Ti Net Plus is a new larger version of the original TrailLite Designs Ti Net. The "Plus" design incorporates a stiffer 27 cm titanium hoop and a longer and stouter 16" carbon fiber handle.

Fall 2012: Ebira Guide

"We had a great trip today. Seven of us caught in excess of 50 fish, mostly rainbows and a few brookies and browns. I fished for over six hours using  TUSA rods only,carried in the Ebira Guide quiver."

"Thank you for the high quality product and excellent customer service."

"The Ebira Guide quiver performed very well..."

Summer 2011: Ebira Plus

"If you will be fishing for a day - or a week - where you could really use two different rods, like the TUSA Ayu and Iwana, this is a very handy way to carry them. You could easily switch rods half a dozen times during the day as you move along the stream."

"This design will be useful to anyone fishing in areas with both lakes and small streams, where it could be an advantage to carry two different rods."

Summer 2011: Ti Net

"There is only one thing that came to mind when I opened the package from Thom at TrailLite Designs WAY COOL! This is one sleek net for the tenkara enthusiast and defiantly a go to net for anyone backpacking or fishing if the back country."

"The Ti Net from TrailLite Designs is an ultra lite, ultra strong, ultra modern tenkara net". 

"I have been using your fantastic Ti Net, I really like this tenkara tool." 

Spring 2011: UL Ebira

"The UL Ebira rod quiver holds your tenkara rod and the gear you need on the stream. If it won't fit in the UL Ebira you don't need it."

Summer 2010: Ebira

"Ebira means quiver in Japanese. The Ebira ("ey-beer-ah"), by TrailLite Designs, is a quiver for your tenkara fly rod. In keeping with the spirit of tenkara the Ebira is a simple yet highly practical fly fishing system that is perfect for ultra lite backpacking and fly fishing."

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